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Group Class Training Application Form

Where and When

Classes are tentatively scheduled for November.  Please contact us for further details.

Classes are one hour.  However, we are pleased to stay after class to help you and your dog if needed.  There are 7 training sessions, with the AKC CGC test on week 8.  AKC Good Citizen Test fee is included.

Call 386-325-3378 to have any questions answered.

What Skills will I learn to teach my dog in this class?

Learning is Fun for you and your dog, and through Positive Reinforcement techniques we will show you how to open communication with your dog that you never thought was possible.  Skills such as Sit on command, Loose Lead Heeling, Down, Stay, and Recall. Walking through a crowd, sitting quietly while your away, touching your dog's feet and brushing are other skills we will work on. We will even practice by doing a Buffalo Town Walk where we show off your dog’s new skills! You and your dog will be able to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test on week 8 and those that pass can apply for the AKC CGC certificate.

Equipment needed Prior to starting Class:
1.) 6' leather lead with good quality snap , these leads last for Years and have high quality snaps for safety Plus they are much more comfortable and easier on your hands than nylon. Nylon leads are acceptable, but not recommended.
2.) Collars: Please call us to discuss the best type of collar for your dog. We personally like nylon "slip collars" or Rolled leather buckle collars. We do allow chain "training collars" however they must fit correctly (measure your dog's neck circumference and add 3"). We do not recommend or allow prong collars.
3.) Rewards Bag- similar to a fanny pack these are a vital part of our positive rewards based training program. This is a Very Important training aid that makes it possible to reward your dog at the correct time. These are available from Canine Companions - two types that range from $14.00 to $25.00 plus tax.
For collars and leads we suggest the following company:  J&J Dog Supplies

Please feel free to contact us and tell us about Your Dog!
Telephone:  (386) 325-3378

Class Absence / Refunds:
Class attendance is essential to the training process. Each class builds on the next so class absences cannot be made up during the regular training sessions. If possible we will offer private make up classes at a reasonable fee at the trainers convenience. 
Because our classes are limited to 10 participants, we cannot offer a refund once class has started. We will offer a discount on an additional class to those who cannot complete classes signed up for but not completed.
Females in season cannot participate in class.  If your dog comes in season during class, a discount on an additional class will be offered. 
Classes will be cancelled due to weather if the Florida Department of Transportation (FlaDOT) has posted limited driving warnings.  Such class cancellations will be made up the following week, based upon weather conditions.
Vaccination Requirements:
Each dog must have current vaccinations for Rabies, DHL, Parvo and based on your veterinarians recommendation, Bordetella. Vaccination records must be submitted prior to class and can be faxed or scanned and emailed to our office by your veterinarian. Our fax number is 386-325-3378
Age requirements:
For regular classes, dogs should be minimum of 5-6 months based on breed and level of maturity. Please feel free to call us to discuss your situation.
The cost for the 8 week Canine Good Citizen® Class is $115.00 which includes the AKC Canine Good Citizen® test fee, and must be paid in advance of the start date of class.
Payment to: Canine Companions Dog Training LLC, 120 Carraway Ct., Palatka, FL 32177.

Future Classes we will offer based on interest
Call 386-325-3378 to Inquire on availability/dates

S.T.A.R. Puppy Program®: (puppies from 12 weeks with first round of vaccinations to 9 months depending on breed). A 6-week class designed to socialize and provide you valuable information on raising your puppy. Class is available to mixed breeds or purebreds. Cost is $75.00

Community Canine Program®: (dogs must have completed CGC class or show skills equal to those required to pass the CGC test). A 8-week program that extends the skills learned in the Canine Good Citizen class. Dogs who pass the AKC Community Canine test are eligible to earn the "CGCA" ( advanced CGC) title. Cost $115.00

Introduction to Dog Agility: (dogs Must be 1 year or older for the class and have completed the Canine Good Citizen Class). A 6-week program to teach your dog the basics of dog agility using professional grade and safe equipment. Dogs will be introduced to the Dog Walk at 3', Single Bar Jumps, Panel Jumps, Pause Table, A Frame @ 3', Open Tunnel and Broad Jump. This class will progress from on-lead to off-lead training. Class is limited to 10 dogs. Cost is $150.00

Intermediate Dog Agility: (dogs must be 1 year of older and have completed Introduction to Agility class unless they have experience in higher agility levels - Please call us to discuss your dogs experience and training). An 8 week class limited to 10 dogs with off-lead work on the following obstacles - Dog walk at AKC Height, Single Bar Jumps, Panel Jumps, Pause Table, A Frame at 5' Open Tunnel, Closed Tunnel, Tire Jump, Weave Poles (6) Broad Jump, Triple Jump, hoops – plus instruction on safe handling techniques. Cost is $175

Advanced Open Agility: Dogs must have completed Intermediate agility OR have experience and skills that can be demonstrated - please call us and tell us about your dog. Class members will assist in setting up and taking down and storing agility equipment). Supervised open sessions using professional grade agility equipment of the handlers choice offering coaching on problems with your dog and advice on improving your dog's performance. Cost is $25.00 per session, usually 2 hours with ring time based upon class size. Class limit 10 dogs.

AKC Rally is the new dog sport that is taking the nation by storm, a successful stepping stone from the AKC Canine Good Citizen® program to the world of obedience or agility. Rally offers both the dogs and handlers an experience that is fun and energizing. The canine team moves at their own pace, very similar to rally-style auto racing. Rally was designed with the traditional pet owner in mind, but it can still be very challenging for those who enjoy higher levels of competition. Those who complete this class will see a marked improvement in their dogs focus and heeling and should be ready to compete in AKC Novice Rally if they so choose.

Canine Companions Dog Training LLC Terms of Service

I understand that I am REQUIRED to bring and show my dog's most current proof of vaccinations to Canine Companions Dog Training LLC on the first day of class. I can scan and send my documentation ahead of time to buffalo8@mac.com OR have your veterinarian FAX the vaccination record to us at 386-325-3378.

Puppy owners, you are required to bring the most current proof of your puppy's vaccination schedule. We realize your puppies are not yet fully vaccinated.

120 Carraway Ct., Palatka, Florida 32177
Telephone: (386) 325-3378 or (386) 546-7522 (Cell)