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Training is Clicker based and one clicker is provided per dog.


1.) 6' leather lead with good quality snap. These leads last for Years and have high quality snaps for safety Plus they are much more comfortable and easier on your hands than nylon.

2.) Collars: Please call us to discuss the best type of collar for your dog. We personally like nylon "slip collars" or Rolled leather buckle collars. We do allow chain "training collars" however they must fit correctly ( measure your dogs neck circumference and add 3") We do not recommend or allow prong collars.

3.) Rewards Bag- similar to a fanny pack these are a vital part of our positive rewards based training program. This is a Very Important training aid that makes it possible to reward your dog at the correct time. These are available from Canine Companions - two types that range from $14.00 to $25.00 plus tax.

4.) Food Rewards - With Positive Reinforcement Training we use a LOT of food rewards in class. Keep in mind that our Dogs Hear more, Smell a LOT more, See differently and more than we do and all of this information is literally pouring into their brains and is processed second by second. We need to offer something more important than those sights, sounds and smells. Thus the Importance of Food Rewards or Reinforcements. 

Most Important: Bring More High Value treats to class that you think you will need…you will run out if you don't.
Here are some recipes we suggest rather than buying treats which are too expensive and often of no nutritional value and in some cases not even safe:
  • Baked Chicken Livers- 350 degrees for approximately 45 min. Cut up into small bite sizes based on your Dogs size
  • Baked Calves Liver- prepare same as chicken liver
  • Hot Dogs - cut up in pieces based on your Dogs Size
  • Chicken, Turkey, Baloney  etc lunch meats 
  • Steak bits, Ham, Chicken, from your table
  • OR get fancy and make these- package of Lean Hamburger, Cheddar Cheese, Splash of milk, Frozen Green Beans, Tablespoon Salmon Oil  - Mix all together, roll into balls bake for 30 min @ 350 in muffin tins. Freeze and use as needed.

To avoid digestive upsets its a good idea to give your dog a few of these treats in the days before class.

At Home in familiar circumstances use moderate value treats sometimes adding high value ones in the mix but generally keeping the special rewards or reinforcers for class where the distraction level is high.
Canine Companions is a Dealer for FitPAWS® Canine
Fitness Equipment

For collars and leads we suggest the following company: J&J Dog Supplies.

120 Carraway Ct., Palatka, Florida 32177
Telephone: (386) 325-3378 or (386) 546-7522 (Cell)