Meet the Buffalo 8!

These dog-and-handler teams are graduates of Robert and Kay Pierce’s Canine Companions Dog Training school, in Buffalo, Wyoming. They have all passed their Canine Good Citizen tests, and some have gone on to earn the advanced CGC, known as Community Canine.

Now, they are taking on a greater challenge—the rally ring at the Central Wyoming Kennel Club show in May. Some will be first timers, while others, like Ashley Hughes and Snowball, CGC, BN, RN (kneeling, far left), are dog-sport veterans. Five are AKC Canine Partners.

Bob says that sometimes people don’t realize how far they have come, how much they have learned, or how smart their dogs are until they put them to the test.

“One of the gals was saying, ‘Well, I am probably going to just watch this time,’” Bob says. Then she took the class and learned some of the moves. Before the class was over she changed her mind and confirmed she is going to enter. “This gal started with CGC, then CGCA, now is in our Rally/Canine Fitness class,” he says. “Her dog is registered via Canine Partners! This is how it’s supposed to work.”

Wish them luck on their voyage into a wonderful new world!